Day 4- Saturday 26th January 2019 (Homestay)

Today we spent a whole day with our buddies touring around Harajuku and Shibuya to look around and see where Japanese teenagers shop. In the morning we were driven to Meiji-Jingu in Harajuku. We walked around and saw the beautiful shrines occasionally stopping to get a quick photo. After reaching our way back to the entrance we had met up with Yuki, Ami, Cory and Tatsuya. We walked around Harajuku stopping to eat crepes and buy some things to take home. After running into the teachers we had decided to go have something to eat.

After eating delicious Ramen soup for lunch we took a walk through Yoyogi park to look at the amazing Olympic stadium that will be used for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The stadium is still under construction so we couldn’t get a closer look. On the way we also saw a one wheeler electric bike that is used for transportation. It was really cool and looked like advanced technology. After this we took a walk to Shibuya where we saw the massive crossing. There were digital signs everywhere and it was very busy. It was so hard to walk across as people were coming both ways. At the Shibuya crossing we also got a photo next to a statue of a famous dog called Hachikou. He is known all over Japan because he waited for 9 years following his owner’s death. We really enjoyed our visit to Harajuku and Shibuya and we thank our buddies Yuki and Mii for taking us there as well as Eloise’s buddy Ami and Cory’s buddy Tatsuya.

Jacqueline Baldwin & Michael Allettsee

On Saturday I went to Tokyo Skytree with my homestay family and had an amazing time. Tokyo Skytree is 634m tall but we only went up to 350m. The view was spectacular and we could see for miles over the city. This was a magical experience with an fantastic homestay family.

Sean McFarlane