Day 5 -Sunday 27th January 2019 (Homestay)

Today my buddy had an English exam so after she finished we went out and had Shabu Shabu, which is where you boil your meat and vegetables together and dip them in raw egg. It was my first time having Shabu Shabu and was a great experience. It was very delicious ?.

Samantha Mcfarland

Today we spent the day with our homestay families.We each went to different place in and around Tokyo. My homestay took me ice skating for the first time with her brother and friend. We then went out for lunch to an Italian restaurant as it was my buddy’s brothers birthday. After we dropped my buddy off to do a exam that she had. I then went home to play video games with her brother and his friend, later that night we went out for dinner to a sushi train and I tried raw fish for the first time EWW! Then we home.
Chloe Enever