Day 8- Wednesday 30th January 2019 (Sendai)

Today was a very sad day, we had to say goodbye to our host families. The day got better when we got on the Shinkansen (bullet train) bound for Sendai. When we got of the train we had a quick lunch from a convenience store. There was a bit of snow around the footpath. Some of us had curry rice. After lunch we got in another train going to Matsushima gaide which is a town. After taking some photos we then walked to the Godaido Temple which was originally built in 804 but was reconstructed in 1604. Then we walked across a bridge called Fukuurabashi. It was 252 meters long. We then walked down a long path and went to a perfect spot for some more pictures. It was very beautiful. After this we walked down to the beach and Mr. Setterfield and Miss. V played baseball with pinecones and a bamboo stick. Even though Mr Setterfield is a sports teacher he only managed to hit the pine cone once out of about twenty – five sets. After this we went to our hotels, got settled in and went to find dinner.

Eloise Horsfall

Today we went to the Kanto School for the last time and said goodbye to our homestay buddies, who had been fantastic to us. We then got together to find out what was going to happen for the day. We caught two trains so that we could connect with the Bullet Train, which was taking us to Sendai. The train travelled very fast but we looked out at the lovely views as we were going. We left our bags at our hotel in Sendai and went and bought ourselves some lunch. After lunch we visited a shrine in the Temple – the thing that I thought was interesting about it was the bell and the beautiful way it was set up. We then went for a walk across a bridge and down a nature path which led us to a beach. It was lovely to explore and see how different things were to Australia. We walked back to our hotel and then went to a street where I had a delicious dinner of Japanese pork curry. We then did some shopping and had a fun time. It was a big day but really exciting

Chloe Lynch