Day 9 – Thursday 31st January 2019 (Aomori)

Today’s day was a big day. We woke up and all rushed straight down to our Japanese / American buffet with food ranging from sausages to octopus. Then we all went to the Shinkansen and organised ourselves on the train. We waited, looking out of the window at the towns near the mountainous area. The closer to Aomori the colder it looked, and we started to see more and more snow until everything was covered by it. When we arrived in Aomori, we were greeted with a cold blast of wind and snow. We walked in a pack to our hotel – Hotel JAL City based of the Japanese airline. We then left and hopped on a bus, but we were not told where we were going. (If the students had read their itinerary they would have known we were going to Sannai Maruyama which is an historical village with unusual structures). We arrived and went straight to an old town covered in snow. Many people played in the snow including Mr Mac who sunk into the snow until you could only see half of him. Then we came back for a delicious dinner to finish off the day.

Flynn Spencer

This morning we woke up to a buffet breakfast of all sorts of Japanese foods; however, the food supply had to come to an end because of the need to catch our bullet train to Aomori. We stuffed everything in our bag for the next hotel on the list and off we rushed to the bullet train. As we travelled further along the 2-hour trail it became more and more apparent that it was cold. Wind and snow, you name it, many of us were excited to see it snowing for the first time. We were reminded of the dangers of slippery ice, but some still tried the dangerous challenge. We dropped off our bags at our new hotel and then ate at a department store basement. With no place to sit it was difficult, but we managed. Some got jam donuts, some got chicken skewers, but there was a bigger problem, we put our garbage in the umbrella bucket. Oops. After that little mishap we walked to some igloos but there was a machine destroying them so we were too late. We found the A Factory – heated – we were saved. Some crazy people bought ice cream, others got sweet jams and cute apple stuffed toys, but I got a special surprise for my dad. After that we rushed to the bus stop and hitched a ride to the Sannaimaruyama Museum. We went to look at the artefacts, but really we were just a bunch of kids playing in the snow. Mr Setterfield started it by pushing everyone into the snow but either way we had a lot of fun. We then headed back to the hotel where we checked in and relaxed for a bit before going to a King of Japanese Diner (Gusto) for dinner. Everyone chose their own food before heading back to the hotel. The day ended so well but here are some memorable moments for the road.

We saw snow for the first time – Punya

We saw it snowing for the first time – Eloise,

I had peach Fanta for the first time – Tiana

Quiet and peaceful – Jeffrey

I almost slipped in the snow – Michael,

Mr Setterfield threw a snowball at Mr Mac and Ms v accidently approved it.

Aomori – The snowiest city on earth.