Day 11- Saturday 2nd February (Hakodate)

This morning we woke up early to leave Aomori. We caught a bullet train over to Hakodate in Hokkaido. Once we reached Hakodate we dropped off out hand luggage in the hotel and caught multiple trains and buses until we finally reached Goryokaku Tower. The tower showed us an amazing view of Goryokaku Fort which was once a of money spent and several hot drinks boughtstructure that was used to protect cities in Japan during the war. However today it is used as a local park for relaxation and a remembrance of the Past. After seeing the Goryokaku Tower we caught a tram over to the Kenamori Red Brick Warehouse where we bought many souveniers and gifts, either for ourselves or for our families. After a lot of money spent and several hot drinks bought, we walked up a big hill that was really pretty to a cable car, but it wasn’t working. So we went over to a Russian Church however it was closed as well but we did get some good photos of the sea. Once we were nice and warm at the hotel we went out and got dinner. Some got Chinese, some got Japanese, and others tried something new. After dinner we went to our hotel rooms and got ready for bed. It was a great day.

Jasmine Wong

Hi families,

The Japan trip has been a pretty amazing one. Being able to visit different historical and featured parts of Japan has been exciting. Today we visited the very tall Goryokaku Fort and Tower in Hakodate where we got the amazing view of a star shaped, western style citadel, in which was built in the last years of Edo Period. Then we got on a bus to go to the Kaemori Red Brick Warehouse and adventure the streets of Hakodate. Up to the very top. Unfortunately because of the wind we didn’t get to go on the sky trail but still had a great outlook of the city. Then had the freedom of choosing our own to experience that style of food.

Jessica Fagan