Day 12- Sunday 3rd February 2019 (Sapporo)

We first went to the Morning Markets where we wondered around to have a look a market the Japanese way. We then embarked on a 4 hour train ride to Sapporo, our final stop on the tour. After checking in at the hotel we headed towards Susukino crossing to have a look at the ice sculptures. They were still being made ready for the Snow Festival to begin tomorrow so it was fascinating to watch the artists at work. We saw some of the lights with a great view from the Ferris Wheel on top of a building before heading home to our Japanese style hotel.

Jeffrey Law

Today started with breakfast and then a trip to the Morning Markets which included a range of items like fish, clothes and souvenirs. We then caught a four-hour train to Sapporo. Once we arrived in Sapporo we wandered to our hotel and were surprised that it wasn’t that cold. The hotel is very different, featuring tatami floors and futon beds. We then headed out to see some ice sculptures being built. There were many different types of sculptures, one included a fish wall. After that we did some shopping in an underground shopping centre and then split off for dinner. After dinner we headed off to a Ferris Wheel where we saw scenic views of Sapporo.

Mia Azzopardi