Day 13- Monday 5th February 2019 (Sapporo)

Today was our last day sightseeing in Japan and it was cold! Our day started off with breakfast at our hotel. The hotel that we stayed at, was a traditional Japanese one with futons as beds. It was a new experience for most. We then went to the YUKI MATSURI (Snow Festival). This was the highlight of our day. We saw very big and amazing ice sculptures of Japanese anime and historic buildings such as the Helsinki Cathedral. It’s amazing how much work goes into them! After this, we went to the Sapporo TV Tower. You can see a beautiful view of Sapporo from there.
For lunch, we had MOS Burgers! They were delicious. Then we went to a park and a group of people did a traditional Japanese dance that we all enjoyed outside the government building.
We had a stroll around the park, then went shopping. After that, we went back to the hotel to put on extra layers because it was getting colder (minus 7 degrees)
Then we went to have a nice dinner and also visited the ice sculptures again. The colourful lights on the sculptures made it look even more spectacular than before! My favourite sculpture was the one of the trains. There was a lot of detail included in that one. We then visited the TV Tower again to see the even better night view of Sapporo. It was amazing!

It has been an INCREDIBLE experience and we are so sad to leave Japan tomorrow. I am sure that none of us would pass up an opportunity to go to Japan again.

Punya Goraya
Today was the 13th day of our trip and the day that we would go to the Sapporo Snow Festival. After we woke up and had breakfast we walked to the festival through the streets of Sapporo. This years snow festival was the 70th festival in Japan’s history making it extra special to be able to visit. Once we arrived we got into small groups and were given the freedom to explore the festival. There were lots of food stalls, souvenir shops and heaps of different kinds of themed ice sculptures such as star wars, pokemon, trains etc. Once we had finished looking around at the festival, we headed to the Sapporo TV Tower where we had a view of the snow festival from 60 metres above the ground. It was snowing so the view wasn’t too clear but it gave us an idea of the size of everything. Next we walked to get lunch at Mos Burger and to warm up in the restaurant. After that we went down to the train station where we got back into our small groups to have a look around at the shops there until around 4:30. Afterwards we went back to our hotel to put on more layers so that we wouldn’t be cold when going back to the snow festival later in the night. We all got ready and then headed in to the city to get dinner at restaurants of our choice and then go and have a look at the ice sculptures in the main street. When we were finished we got back together as a group and headed back into the Snow Festival to look at the night time lighting effects and entertainment. To finish off the night we all went back up Sapporo TV Tower to look at the city of Sapporo at night time which was a great experience. The snow had stopped so we could see the whole street. Even though it was super cold today was lots of fun!

Olivia Sofia